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Helicopters (Heli-golf)

The varied and dramatic landscapes of the UK and Ireland are not only perfect for exploring from the air by helicopter, but availing of one can add immeasurably to any golf vacation. If this is something that you have been interested in doing, why not read our blog piece on the topic here.The benefits of utilising a helicopter, or ‘heli-golf’ are numerous and include amongst others:

1. Time-saving.

A trip by road from say St. Andrews to Royal Dornoch, for example, will take approximately 4hrs 30mins whereas in a helicopter that journey time is reduced to just 75-minutes. Turnberry to Carnoustie is a 3hr road trip, but only 70-minutes by air and Old Head to Royal Co. Down is a 6hr road trip, reduced to 110-minutes in the air, so the time saving is significant.

2. Convenience.

In a considerable number of cases, a helicopter will be able to collect you as close to the front door of your accommodation as a coach and the majority of golf courses have dedicated landing areas on or very near to the property. This level of convenience is one of the most significant benefits of choosing heli-golf.

3. Scheduling & choice.

Utilizing the time saving that choosing a helicopter affords, we can easily schedule a 36-hole day into an itinerary without it feeling overly arduous yet allowing you to combine courses and different plans that would otherwise be logistically challenging. For example, by staying in Edinburgh and utilizing a helicopter, you could realistically play Turnberry in the morning, Royal Portrush in the afternoon and be back in St. Andrews for dinner on the same evening! It also allows you to cover a lot of ground and opens up a lot more choice in terms of courses that you can play in a single trip while eradicating some of the ‘blackout’ dates that can thwart an itinerary.

4. Experience.

Let’s face it, the opportunity to take a helicopter to some of the most famous golf courses in the world is an opportunity not to be missed. Trust us when we say, there is nothing quite like the journey that takes you out over the town and across the stunning Lakes of Killarney, taking in some of the rugged Irish coastline only to be bettered by the view on approach to the lighthouse at The Old Head of Kinsale Golf Links.

Helicopter Fleet:

The Consummate Pro is pleased to recommend the following fleet to our guests. We are more than happy to discuss with you in advance which of these specific aircraft will best suit your requirements and work for your particular golf itinerary: –

The AS365 twin-engine Dauphin seats 8 passengers and has a beautiful all-leather interior. It is one of the quietest and safest aircraft of its kind and is a member of the Airbus family, reaching up to 140kts cruise speed.

The H120 is the perfect aircraft for quick, efficient transfers of up to 4 passengers. It offers excellent panoramic viewing. Reaching speeds of up to 140mph this aircraft is one of the most technologically advanced in its class.

The AS355 Twin Squirrel is probably the most well-known aircraft of its kind in aviation circles in Europe. Reaching 120knots, this 5-seater can run for up to 3 hours at a time and provides passengers with superb visibility.