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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

At The Consummate Pro, we have a straightforward philosophy, and it’s this . . .

“We deliver, your trip, your way.”

But, what does that really mean?

Every golfer that comes to us at the outset of the planning process, does so with different aspirations and expectations from the last. In fact, I have yet to encounter anyone planning to take a golf vacation overseas who hasn’t had at least a vague opinion on where they should be going of what they should be doing. Folks come to us with ideas formed from locker room conversations, information gleaned from the travel sections of golf magazines and of course from the internet. And you know what, all of those are great because, at The Consummate Pro, we just love to talk golf.

The Consummate Pro exists to create memorable golf experiences – but they are your experiences, not ours. We appreciate fully that everyone’s aspirations, their budgets, their time, and their desires are all different when it comes to travel. For some folks this will be a trip of a lifetime, for others, it will be the first of many for years to come. At The Consummate Pro, we ensure that in either case, it will be exceptional, and it will be your trip, delivered your way.

To achieve this, and to live what we preach, we focus on you, the client. We know that it is the little details that matter and that service is critical. We like to think that we have reintroduced some ‘personality’ back into golf travel. The digital world has unquestionably opened up the world of travel, but show me a website that can honestly describe the feeling experienced by a golfer standing on the first tee of The Old Course for the first time. We bring you to the origins of the game, to its soul, to the reason why you play golf at all and why people travel from all over the world to experience it. Our promise to you at The Consummate Pro – we will deliver your trip, your way.