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Our Process

Our Process

So, you have found us. We appreciate you taking the time to visit our website. You are here, we hope, because you want to know a little more about what it will involve to plan a golf vacation to Ireland or Scotland? You want to know what the next steps are, right? Great, let’s get started. There are usually a number of good reasons why you are now looking at our site: –

  • The internet. Where would we be without it? You’ve been searching the web. Yes, we do get a lot of folks merely admiring our website, but we’re guessing that’s not the sole reason!
  • The clubhouse conversation. This is a regular one. We’ve all been sitting in a bar or locker room and overheard the guy nearby recount almost shot by shot his golf vacation to Ireland or Scotland, right!
  • The buddy chat. Quite often, that ‘guy’ is someone you know. They have just returned from one of our golf trips or have been reading one of those magazine articles where we are mentioned, and the conversation has evolved from there.
  • The referral. This is by far our favorite because it proves that we’re living up to our own high expectations. A referral from our past guests is incredibly humbling, the ultimate ‘thank you’ from our travelers.
  • So, what’s next? Well, now it’s up to us to discuss how we plan you your dream golf vacation.

The answer to that part ultimately lies with you. Whether you are a first-time traveler, a sometime traveler or an experienced hand, it is essential for us to ascertain what your aspirations and expectations are at an early stage and there are many ways that we can do this.

Golf CourseOur preferred option is to initially have a telephone or Zoom conversation with you about planning golf vacation to Ireland or Scotland! We really find that this is the most efficient and effective way of narrowing down someone’s preferences. It is also a great way of discussing expectations, and we find that above all, it saves a lot of time, back and forth on email explaining why certain combinations will and won’t make for a good trip.

For a variety of reasons, some of our clients prefer to plan their golf vacation through in their own minds first, and that is partly why we developed the MyConsummatePro tool. This easy to use form helps you to narrow down the criteria that are most important to your group and it ultimately helps us to be able to deliver, ‘your trip, your way.’ You can tell us, for example, what the most important parts of your Northern Ireland golf trip might be. Is Royal County Down a must-play, or Portrush, or Ardglass? This tool allows you to give us some really good information to start the process.

Then once we have either spoken to you or received your outline brief from the MyConsummatePro tool, we will begin the process of getting you a detailed proposal, usually within 48hrs, for your golf vacation to Ireland. We will take all of the information gleaned from you and create a day-by-day proposal, for the timeframe you want, that is fully costed. That proposal likely isn’t the end of the process however, it is often the beginning. One of the main reasons that The Consummate Pro exists is because of the varied nuances that exist within golf travel in the UK & Ireland in particular. Put simply, a one-dimensional map doesn’t tell you the full story.

There is usually a lot of discussion with a first-time client. Most of this discussion revolves around what is and is not feasible to complete on a day to day basis in terms of distances being covered and the time required to do it. Other factors such as exceptional closures, club events, tournaments, members days, open competitions, etc. all need to be taken into consideration, and that is where we come in. What will ultimately take you many hours, days or even weeks to get to the bottom of, we will circumnavigate in a few hours and compile the best options for you.

Once we have explored all avenues with you, discussed dates, numbers traveling, the group make-up, previous trips, aspirations, length of travel, hotel preference, golf preference, caddie requirements, transport preferences, then we can really get down to the detail!!

Yes, not just as straightforward as you would imagine!