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PGA Professional Benefits Program

PGA Professional Benefits Program

At The Consummate Pro we really value the relationship that we have with members of the PGA in all parts of the world. You are the lifeblood of the game of golf and it is our pleasure to already work with so many PGA Professionals to bring their members on an international golf vacation. We appreciate just how important it is for you to be able to work with an organisation that you can trust to deliver for you and them, and we very much appreciate so many PGA members placing that trust in us.

As a result, at The Consummate Pro, we have dedicated benefits program for every PGA Member that travels or refers their members or clients to us. You don’t even have to travel with the party to avail of some of the benefits. This programme may include assistance with your ground itinerary, flights, ancillary fees and even down to golf club shipping to make the burden of the travel process a lot easier for you to manage. It is all designed to ensure that you have as productive and enjoyable a time as the members/guests that you are hosting.


We appreciate that it isn’t possible all of the time to travel with your members, however, if you directly refer a member or guest to us, and they subsequently travel with The Consummate Pro, we will provide you, the PGA Professional with a referral reward (excluding airfare). All we ask is that you make the introduction on behalf of that member or guest at the outset. So for simply sending your members our way we will recognise that effort accordingly.


At The Consummate Pro we have some very strong relationships with Private Country Clubs and organisations all over the world, but particularly in the USA, hence why we are a proud supporter of The Folds of Honor. We have built many of these relationships on the basis of mutual benefit and we are more than happy to do likewise with you and your club. Ways that we can do this could include: –

(a). Providing auction items or prizes for your Member-Guest event or important club championship events.
(b). Sponsoring a tee at one of these events or attending an event to run a closest to the pin prize for a trip to the British Isles
(c). Working with a PGA Section Pro-Pro event to do any of the above or to provide sponsorship for that event in any way that will have mutual benefit.

At the Consummate Pro we know how important it is for PGA Professionals to maintain a great relationship with their members. As more and more clubs are adding travel as an important element of their membership offerings, we are delighted that so many PGA’s turn to The Consummate Pro for assistance in delivering their international travel programs and we look forward to working with so many more of you in the future.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out how we can work together to deliver your next travel experience.


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