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Our Background

Our Background

“Consummate” – showing great skill or flair.
“Professional” – competent, skillful or assured.

Oxford English Dictionary.

We believe that my company epitomizes these two words. We strive to achieve this standard in everything that we do. Golf travel is not just a job, it’s our passion. We work with partners that share our ethos and because they understand that our clients have exacting requirements. We don’t do ‘cut & paste’, and when we say that an itinerary is bespoke to you, we mean it. We are purveyors of golf trips to some of the best golf destinations, courses and resorts in the world, compiling exacting itineraries based on our client’s budgets, preferences and available time. What we do has a distinct personality to it; just like each and every golf course and lodging we recommend.

We are golf travel professionals. We invest time and resources to understand the world of golf travel intimately so that we can deliver the absolute best experiences possible for you. Relationships we have nurtured over decades are what form that ‘consummate’ tagline, because we all know that online search engines are no substitute for human experience. If we haven’t played the golf courses or stayed in the hotels, we simply won’t recommend them to our clients – how else could you stand over what you do?

By choosing The Consummate Pro, you do so in the knowledge that you are working with a company that is affiliated to the largest golf tour operator network in the world, IAGTO. We take our legal, license, insurance, and bonding obligations very, very seriously, so that when you commit to taking a golf vacation with us, you know that you are putting your trust in a business that delivers on its promises. In return, you can rest assured that we will deliver on those promises, and that is why, with The Consummate Pro, you are in safe hands.