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When we talk

When we talk

So, you have taken our advice from the “Before we Talk” section. Perhaps have provided us with your preferences through the MyConsummatePro tool? Now you’re ready to speak to us to plan your golf vacation to Ireland. So, really what is there to talk about? Surely it is all pretty straightforward from here on in?

Ballynahinch CastleSimply put, if planning a golf vacation to the UK & Ireland were as straightforward as many would let you believe, we wouldn’t exist. Similar to other activity holidays, there are many complexities. There are elements that quite simply don’t align as you would wish them to, challenges that often may seem impossible. That’s where The ConsummatePro comes in. We save you time, money and effort in planning your golf vacation to Ireland. We do this through knowledge, experience, and understanding acquired over many years. The Consummate Pro exists to customise your golf vacation so that you and your fellow travellers have a fantastic experience.

Unlike some other parts of the world, member clubs in the UK & Ireland are reasonably accessible and amenable to visitor play. However, they each have their own unique personality, quirks and their own rules and regulations. Members take priority on certain days of the week at many clubs, and this can present itinerary challenges. Our expertise is in knowing how to structure that itinerary best. We know when clubs are not accessible to visitors. We know what tee time to book so that you don’t finish in the dark and have to travel three-hundred miles to make your tee time the following day! We know that you shouldn’t miss out on playing Ardglass Golf Club when playing Royal County Down on your Northern Ireland golf trip. All of these small details will make a big difference to your overall golf vacation to Ireland and enjoyment of the trip.

Barberstown CastleSo, when we talk about your golf vacation to Ireland

We will discuss the real detail that we know is so important, such as:

– The groups’ handicaps and playing abilities and how at specific courses, some golfers might actually enjoy their experience even more by playing off a slightly forward tee.
– Dining preferences and off-course plans – which can be as crucial as the on-course itinerary!
– Timing. As mentioned above, some guests like to play early, some like to play 36, but a lot of that is dictated by the courses and the totality of the schedule, but we will talk you through all of that and come up with a plan that works for everyone.
– Course architects. Yes, a lot of our clients have a preference to play Harry Colt courses or would like to see the evolution of Old Tom Morris’ designs or how Englishman Alister McKenzie designed one of the most famous golf courses in the world, Augusta National. Some prefer modern designers such as Dye, Hawtree or McClay Kidd. If this is the sort of detail you are after, you have come to the right place for your golf vacation to Ireland

The Mountains of Mourne at Royal County Down

Getting to know you

A great deal of our success and our clients’ enjoyment on their golf vacation to Ireland or Scotland is in the fact that we spend time in advance getting to know you. We learn about your groups’ likes and dislikes, preferences on and off course, and we believe this is why we tend to have a very high number of repeat and referral clients. At The ConsummatePro, we don’t do “cookie-cutter” itineraries because we know that everyone’s preferences are different. We prepare bespoke customized luxury golf vacations to Ireland and Scotland for discerning clients. You’ll notice as you go through our website that we don’t load it with itinerary after itinerary. This is for that very reason. It is very rare that any two golf vacations to Ireland are alike and we want yours to be unique.


It’s a word not used less these days, but one that’s at the core of our values at The ConsummatePro. Having worked in hospitality, events and travel all our lives, we are attuned to working with guests who prefer privacy. Irrespective of who our clients are and what their background, we treat everyone with the same respect that we would hope to receive ourselves. We pride ourselves on our discretion and take this exceptionally seriously when we work with all of our guests.