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Golf Transportation


Chauffeured versus self-drive?

As we highlighted in the “Before we Talk” section, golf transportation and in particular the chauffeured option is, we feel, something that you should strongly consider for your golf vacation to Ireland and Scotland. Just like your choice of destination, there are many variables to look at. Each golf vacation is slightly different from the next, but in the main, here are the benefits of the chauffeured option that we feel far outweighs the self-drive alternative: –

– You don’t need to worry about driving on the “wrong” side of the road
– You don’t have to learn the nuances of a ‘shift-stick’ vehicle
– You can enjoy a few libations after your round without the fear of exceeding the drink-drive limits in the UK & Ireland or mainland Europe. These limits are falling virtually every year and are slowly moving towards a zero alcohol tolerance stance.
– You don’t need to be concerned about departure or travel times or the distances to be covered, navigation (even with a GPS) or the (very) narrow country roads.
– You can relax and let someone else do the driving while you converse with your fellow guests and actually ‘enjoy’ your golf vacation in Ireland!

Despite the apparent advantages of the chauffeured golf transportation option, a number of our clients will still choose to self-drive. Many of these clients it has to be said have traveled in the UK & Ireland (in particular) for many years. They are now very comfortable, both behind the wheel and with knowing the challenges that will confront them. Self-drive is only an option; however for smaller groups, and this is determined by the size of the vehicle that a non-domestic license holder or visitor can hire. As an international license holder, you are not permitted to hire or drive any vehicle that contains more than 8 passenger seats. This is classified as a coach/bus and requires a specific test to be passed and the corresponding license to be held. So for a larger group, self-drive simply won’t be an option for your golf transportation, unless you are prepared to divide the group up amongst two or more MPV type vehicles.

Our chauffeurs are explicitly chosen for their professionalism and their virtual encyclopedic ability to answer questions on practically any topic known to man. They will show you the best of the best in each destination and are a vital component to helping you save time and money and maximising your golf vacation. Similarly, our self-drive partners, who include the likes of Hertz, Arnold Clark in the UK and Dan Dooley (a division of National) in Ireland have been chosen for their excellent levels of service and the fact that they understand our business and our clients. In addition to excellent negotiated rates from these companies, we have dedicated account managers that make our job of looking after your needs considerably easier.

To provide you with an idea of the type of vehicle that we will be considering for your golf transportation as either a self-drive or chauffeur option, here is a brief description of the vehicles we typically use on an Ireland golf vacation or Northern Ireland golf trip as well as in Scotland: –

Chauffeured Vehicles

Class A Vehicles.

This type of vehicle is equally suited to airport transfers as it is to private touring. Typically, this is undertaken in an S-Class Mercedes or an Audi A6 type vehicle. These cars are the epitome of luxury and comfort and will be fully air-conditioned, come with USB charging points, and all-leather interiors. They are perfect for 1-2 passengers with luggage or 1 golfer.

Mercedes Class A

Class B Vehicles.

These vehicles are ideally suited for up to 5 golfers or 6 passengers for touring. They have a longer than average wheelbase to allow primarily for extra luggage capacity but also for passenger comfort. The Ford Tourneo Custom, VW Caravelle and Mercedes V-Class and Vito are typically used in this category. All vehicles are finished to the highest specifications, with leather seating, aircon and USB ports as standard.

Ford Tourneo

Class D Vehicles.

Capable of accommodating up to 14 passengers or 12 golfers, these larger vehicles provide supreme levels of comfort with reclining ‘Captain’ seats and occasional tables supplied in almost all cases. The all leather interiors offer a luxurious feel while on longer touring, and most vehicles are equipped with wi-fi, aircon, televisions with DVD players and small refrigerators.

Class D Coach

Class E Vehicles.

These midi coaches are ideal for up to 16 passengers or 10 golfers and come with comfortable seating, air conditioning, and USB capability. An excellent solution for reasonable traveling distances.

Class F Vehicle.

Some of the highest specification coaches available, these coaches are ideal for between 24 and 32 passengers and up to 32 golfers. They include a full leather interior, wi-fi, air-con, 24inch TV monitors, refrigerators, tables, and a toilet. Additional functionality can consist of a serving area for snacks, a drying cupboard, and DVD players. These vehicles are the crème de la crème of touring coaches and some of the most luxurious and comfortable in the industry.

Class F Coach

Self-drive vehicles

The following vehicles are typically available across Europe and are some of the most suitable for golf tour. Despite some minor variations, each vehicle in class has up to 8 passenger seats, although some will be configured for less. It is essential if booking a vehicle independently that you ensure that you have the appropriate configuration for your needs and the necessary insurances in place: –

VW Caravelle
Mercedes Viano
Ford Tourneo
S-Class or Saloon

Mercedes Viano