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They are almost as legendary as the golf courses themselves, seen by many as an integral part of any golf trip and let’s face it, quite frankly, who hasn’t heard of or got a caddie story to tell!

There is no doubt that the tales and quips of caddies all over the world have in many cases taken on the legendary and mythical status, and for that reason alone, practically all of our clients will engage the services of a caddie at each course during their golf vacation. Golf originated as a walking sport, and we firmly believe that those traditions should remain. We genuinely encourage our guests to take a caddie wherever possible. Yes, there is the practicality of not having to carry, push or drive your own bag around the golf course, that goes without saying, but how else could you experience . . .

Golfer: “Hey Jimmy, will we find that one?”
Caddie: “Sir, if that one was wrapped in bacon, not even Lassie herself would find it.”
Source: unknown!

Caddies are available, or can be sourced at practically every visitor course in the UK & Ireland, across Europe and in virtually all parts of the world with a degree of planning; at some properties, caddies are made compulsory they enhance the experience so much. In a lot of cases, caddies are quite often members of the club, and for that reason, they will know the course you are going to play inside and out. We’ve all tee’d it up somewhere not really knowing whether we have the correct club in hand or whether it’s better to take line A or line B or C on a green. Well, there is a straightforward way to remove those doubts and maximize your opportunity to enjoy your round, and that is to employ an expert who does.

It’s important to note that across the whole of the UK & Ireland especially, caddies are self-employed, operating independently from the golf clubs that they serve. This is primarily for tax reasons, and while they are providing the service, golf clubs are not liable, literally, to account for them. Therefore, we explain to every guest that caddies are “requested, not guaranteed,” and although it is exceptionally rare that a request not be fulfilled, at busy times of the season, it can and occasionally does happen despite the best efforts of the caddie master.

At the majority of visitor clubs, the caddie master will allocate a caddie to you, and they will usually identify themselves once you arrive at the course. Caddies are often divided by experience into, Senior, Junior, and Forecaddie brackets. The price of their services will be reflective of their experience and knowledge. At most properties, the recommended amount for each caddie grade is published for you to see, but if it is not, the caddie master will keep you right and manage expectations. A gratuity is commonplace on top of the base fee and as always is based upon the level of service received.

The ConsummatePro highly recommends that you avail of the services of a caddie at all of the courses that you visit as it will immeasurably improve the overall experience.