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Heli-golf around Ireland

  • September 3, 2020 // The Consummate Pro

Heli-golf around Ireland

We welcome hundreds of golfers to Ireland every year for that trip of a lifetime. The majority of visitors make use of our luxury chauffeur-driven coaches to navigate their way around, but for others, there is a quicker way. The use of helicopters in golf vacations in Ireland is a growing trend. As many of you will appreciate, Ireland’s best links golf courses are in some of our remotest locations. Despite Ireland being the approximate size of Maine, the journey to The Old Head of Kinsale, Waterville, or to Ballyliffin, can take some time. These journeys are often some of the island’s most beautiful drives, but they can be equally or even more spectacular from the air. An increasing number of our clients are choosing to heli-golf around Ireland for part, or all of their golf vacation.

Helicopters landed at Doonbeg Golf Club


There are some obvious benefits to using helicopters for your golf vacation: –

  • Time. This is pretty obvious, but to give you an example, if you were to drive from Killarney to The Old Head, it would take you approximately 2hours on a good day. The same flight time in a helicopter is 30minutes.
  • Itinerary. With this time saving, you can do so much more with your itinerary. It opens up the possibility to combine some of the best courses in Ireland all in one trip, without having to make multiple visits. The majority of golfers will focus one one region of Ireland to begin their exploration of the country. They will visit Dublin and Northern Ireland, the South-West, or the North-West as three separate trips. This is because they will want to play the top courses in each region. However, with a helicopter, you can tee off at Royal Co. Down in the morning, and be at Old Head for a round in the afternoon the same day. Portmarnock for your morning round, and Ballybunion in the afternoon. It opens up so many more opportunities for your golf vacation in Ireland.
  • Cost. Is it more expensive? The answer to that question is yes. The cost-benefit analysis for many, is the bigger question. The experience is different, certainly more luxurious.
  • Country Combo’s. It is possible also to use the helicopters to cover both Ireland and Scotland. For example, we regularly utilise them to cover Turnberry in the morning and Royal Portrush in the afternoon. This saves so much time for clients not having to use the ferry, or backtrack to Glasgow for a flight.

Trip examples

We have recently worked on a golf vacation for a client planning to heli-golf around Ireland with his group. The trip involves arrival at Shannon and a helicopter transfer to Adare Manor. From there, the group transfer daily to Doonbeg, Ballybunion, Waterville and finally to The Old Head. The itinerary is not only golf however. The helicopter allows them to see so much more than they ever would by road. They are using the helicopter to get a very unique perspective of the Cliffs of Moher. They are visiting the Ring of Kerry and getting to see the fabulous scenery from the air. Finally, they are getting to arrive at The Old Head in the most spectacular way possible. The golf courses they are visiting all have landing facilities close-by, so once they disembark, they will have a short walk from the doors of the helicopter to the 1st tee.

When you start to plan your next trip with the Consummate Pro, please ask us about how you can heli-golf around Ireland.