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7 most useful upgrades to your golf trip

  • September 2, 2022 // The Consummate Pro

A golf trip to Ireland or Scotland is a special experience. However, there are many ways to make that trip extra special by considering some additions to the itinerary. In this article we explore the 7 most useful upgrades that you can add to your golf trip, that will make the trip a home run.

1. Luggage Shipping. Many would consider shipping their golf clubs ahead of their trip to be a luxury. Well, in light of the post pandemic staff shortages in airports, and the significant demand for travel, this is one sure way to guarantee that your sticks make it to your destination safely. We recommend “Luggage Forward” for this purpose. They have a significant number of years of experience in international shipping and we trust them to deliver, literally. We highly recommend that you take a visit to www.luggageforward.com and see how easy it is to book your next shipment.

2. This is a follow on from the first point, and if you decide not to ship with Luggage Forward, we strongly recommend that you invest in an Apple Air Tag for your golf bag. This tiny device acts as a GPS tracker, pinpointing your golf bag to within 50m by using Bluetooth technology. In light of the scenes of baggage halls stacked with golf bags this year, this device will come in very handy if you are being told that baggage handlers do not know where your clubs are. Showing them the location of the tag on your phone, will certainly change the conversation.

3. Take a caddie. This might sound like a no-brainier, but a significant number of visitors to the UK and Ireland do not invest in a caddie. There is no question that a caddie will improve your overall experience. Yes they will carry your bag, have the obvious golf course knowledge, and will be able to read greens for you, but there is so much more to be enjoyed. Most caddies have more than a story or two to tell and are only too happy to share them. This camaraderie is the essence of the game of golf. They will be only too happy to share the history of their golf course, the town and region and will help put their club into better context for you. I say their club, as most of the caddies in Ireland and Scotland will likely be members at that club, and you can’t get more experienced than that.

Helicopter over The Burren

A helicopter over The Burren

4. For those with the means, utilising a helicopter for even part of your trip can make a huge difference to the experience. There is the obvious timesaving factor by not having to travel by road, which can open up multiple benefits in and of itself. If you wanted to play 36 holes in a day and there is a distance between the courses, this is the way to go. It is also a fabulous way to see the countryside and coastline. A helicopter trip past the Cliffs of Moher before your round at Lahinch, or over the Mourne Mountains before eighteen holes at Royal County Down, is simply spectacular. Helicopters can also be the best way to traverse these islands. So, a round at Royal Portrush in Northern Ireland in the morning, followed by Royal Troon in Scotland in the afternoon becomes infinitely do-able. Playing Portmarnock in Dublin in the

early morning, followed by Royal Birkdale in Liverpool in the afternoon, a piece of cake. Heli-golf is very accessible and well worth your consideration.

5. The benefits of taking a day off in the middle of your itinerary cannot be underestimated. As well as giving the body a rest, it will allow you and your group to do something completely different. How about a distillery tour of Bushmills, a walking tour of Edinburgh’s Old Town, a Beatles experience in Liverpool or a visit to the Home of Guinness in Dublin. We highly recommend that our guests take advantage of their trip to grab at least one or two cultural experiences while on their golf trip on this side of the pond.

6. These islands are full of golf history, St. Andrews is the “Home of Golf” after all. So when you are here, why not take in a visit to the R&A Golf Museum in St. Andrews. A visit to the “New Clubhouse” in the town is also well worth a stop. If you want to really take a step back in time, why not take on the hickory golf challenge at Kingarrock just outside of St. Andrews, to see how our forefathers played the game. There is so much history acorn these islands that you are sure not to be too far from a unique experience.

7. A great way to upgrade your golf trip is to add a 9-hole or additional 18-hole round to the itinerary. Amazing courses such as Cruit Island in County Donegal can easily be added to your day when paying the likes of Rosapenna, Ballyliffin or Nairn & Portnoo in northwest Ireland. Similarly, there are many courses around the UK & Ireland that offer fabulous 36 hole experiences without leaving the property. The Old Course and Cashen Course at Ballybunion, The Dunluce and Valley at Royal Portrush; Hillside and adjacent Royal Birkdale, the double at Royal Dornoch with the Struie, or pick any of the St. Andrews courses. Whatever additional round you choose, the experience will be awesome.