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5 things to consider before your Ireland or Scotland golf vacation

  • May 11, 2020 // The Consummate Pro

There are many things to consider when planning a good golf trip. When that golf trip is to Ireland, Scotland or the rest of the UK, these might differ slightly. Below, we run you through our Top 5 considerations before you take your Ireland or Scotland golf vacation.


1. Time. 

This applies to both the time of year and also the length of time you can afford to be away from home. Golf in Ireland is best played between early May and early October when growing conditions are best. Scotland’s courses, because they are slightly further north, may take a few weeks longer at the start of the season to hit their peak. On England’s south coast it is not unheard of for golf to be played well into October and early November due to the Continental influence.

We often get asked what the best number of days are for a trip. The answer to that differs for every client and depends on personal preference and circumstances. Somewhere between 7-10 days is the norm. This length of time allows visitors to get a good mix of different golf courses into their itinerary.


2. Amount of Golf.

Ireland is a small island, but blessed with some of the best golf in the world. A lot of the courses are also in close proximity to one another.While we usually recommend our clients play one round a day, certain locations are perfect for that 2nd round. The best examples are at Royal County Down, with the Annesley Links alongside the Championship course. The Valley Links alongside the Championship ‘Dunluce’ at Royal Portrush. The ‘Yellow’ nine at Portmarnock, The Cashen at Ballybunion, The Old Tom Links at Rosapenna, the list goes on. It is also possible to combine two different clubs in a day, especially at the peak of the summer. Ardglass with RCD, The Island with Royal Dublin, Waterville and Hogs Head, Tralee and Ballybunion, Doonbeg and Lahinch. We always advise balance is the key. It’s a golf vacation after all, not an endurance test!


3. Accommodation.

Meldrum House

The UK has a wide variety of excellent ‘golf’ accommodation, much of which is owned and operated by families and independents. From traditional “Inn’s” to excellent B&B’s to 5* luxury hotels, there is something to suit all tastes across these islands. An example of some of the unique properties we use often would include the following: The Bushmills Inn near Portrush in Northern Ireland, Hayfield Manor in Cork City and Meldrum House in Aberdeenshire, but the list is endless. Our priority is to choose quality, convenient and comfortable lodgings that fit seamlessly into your itinerary.


4. Transportation.

Navigating the highways and by-ways of the British Isles on a golf vacation can be challenging. Setting aside the obvious driving on the ‘opposite’ side of the road from what you are used to, many of the finest links’ are to be found at the end of roads that are narrow, hedge lined and often busy. So, that is why we always recommend that you opt for some form of chauffeured option, especially as a group. Modern GPS systems have helped navigation enormously, but they no substitute for an experienced local driver/guide. Despite the obvious fact that they know where they are going, drivers are a fountain of local knowledge. From the best pubs and restaurants to tourist attractions, to simply allowing you to sit back and relax. A driver/guide is an invaluable choice. We offer you a range of the most modern vehicles available in the marketplace, as well as the best drivers.


Luxury Coach

5. The 20th hole experience.

There is so much more to these destinations than just the golf and for many of our clients, the holistic experience is everything. That is why, at The Consummate Pro we are experts at tailoring what we like to call the “20th Hole Experiences”. From the finest whisky experiences in The Highlands of Scotland, to The Guinness Storehouse in Dublin. From Michelin star dining experiences to the best street food on the go, we will tailor an off-course experience  just for you. Yes the golf is important, very important, we get that, but when you are able to knit world-class experiences around your time on the fairways, then why not eh!

We will be delighted to share our experience with you of how to plan the perfect Ireland or Scotland golf vacation. Learn more about why you should choose The Consummate Pro as your golf tour operator, here.