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11 Golf Trip Planning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

  • August 13, 2022 // The Consummate Pro

Today, golf is the 10th most popular sport in the world. Golf courses are popping up worldwide and gaining popularity, particularly since Covid-19. Are you dreaming of planning the perfect golfing trip to Ireland or Scotland but want to avoid any mistakes along the way? Golf trip planning mistakes can literally make or break your trip. The good news is that there’s hope. Read our guide on the top golf trip planning mistakes and how to avoid them today!


1. Know Who To Trust

When deciding on your golf trip destination, ensure that you trust your tour operator. You’ll want top-notch advice from an expert, and that is why we at the The Consummate Pro, are trusted by thousands of PGA Professionals and golfers across the globe.

Take a look at our site and check out our many testimonials for the best recommendations. See what locations other golfers and PGA Professionals recommend.

There are thousands of places to choose from, which can be tricky. You will want a golf trip to work to your schedule, not a cookie cutter proposal that can be pulled from any shelf. That’s what we do day in and day out for our guests.


2. Hidden Costs

When golfing with friends, check for hidden costs. This will allow you all to plan for your trip in advance. We are completely transparent with what you are paying for.

You’ll need to consider caddie fees, transportation to and from the course, food, and of course your core itinerary. Others will ship their golf clubs to avoid airport chaos. Many will often rent equipment and services, and that can be pricy. We walk you through this process.Waterville Golf Links


3. Inviting Non-Golfers

Inviting the whole family or your best friend might be tempting, but they might hate a pure golf trip. This might actually ruin the trip for you and your friends if they’re bored and unhappy. Friends who are non-golfers could simply be a distraction from practicing your golf skills.

On the other hand, a well-balanced non-golfer program that runs in parallel with the golfers itinerary will keep everyone happy, and this is what we do best.


4. Not Booking in Advance

Ireland and Scotland have many untouched and pristine islands. Places book fast if you’re golfing with friends in Scotland or another location.

This includes tee times, resort stays, and your flights. You might have terrible layovers and times if you wait too long to book a flight, we will guide you thorugh this process from start to finish.

We will advise on the weather in advance and recommend when might be a good time to go. We will also ensure that the tee times on offer will work around the rest of your schedule and will advise on booking your meals, transportation, and hotel in advance. This could also save you money. This will also let you calculate your golf trip budget for other excursions.


5. Choosing the Wrong Time

Choosing the right tee times provides a better balance to each of your days. There is no point having a 6am or 5pm tee time as it throws the day off balance.

Try to get out there either early or mid-morning. This allows you to have a nice lunch, enjoy the course, and check out other activities in the afternoon such as a nice distillery tour or city sightseeing trip. You’ll also avoid the restaurant rush in the evenings.


6. Golfing Too Much

If your itinerary is filled with golf each day, every day, it can make some of your party tired, and uncomfortable after a few days. Speak with your friends about your golf trip schedule and see what everyone wants to do. Plan activities and other breaks throughout the week so to provide some balance. Links golf courses in Ireland and Scotland are mostly walking, and the terrain can be challenging for many. A good 18 holes a day is usually enough for most folks.


7. Paying Extra for Your Golf Equipment

You’ll be exhausted after a long trip, especially overseas! The last thing you’ll want to do is lug your equipment back through the airport.

You should consider shipping your golf clubs back home to allow you to relax through the airports. Using a service like Luggage Forward, will take all the stress out of this process.

Shipping charges won’t be a worry either. Luggage Forward image


8. Knowing what to bring

Before starting a golf gear checklist, you’ll want to understand the destination, weather and all of the challenges. Ensure that you plan in advance to have the complete golf equipment necessary and ensure a good packing list.

We provide all of our clients will a pre-departure checklist of items that are essential to bring on your trip. Would you consider taking two pairs of golf shoes for example? What if one gets soaked by the rain, would you have time to dry them out for the following day. Or, would it just be beasier to have a dry pair waiting for you in your hotel room, giving your wet pair a full 48hrs to dry out!


9. Don’t Rush

Don’t rush the trip. You’ll want to give yourself and your friends plenty of time to enjoy the trip and savour the golf experience.

Check with your partner or loved ones to ensure that you can spare the 7-10 days for the trip. Factor in vacation time, holidays etc to maximise your time away from work or home.

Establish your budget early in advance and ask your friends what they’re comfortable with spending. Booking early might also afford you a discount as well. Consider golf tours in unfamiliar locations to make it even more exciting.

It’s best to plan twelve to eighteen months in advance for an international trip, so please be aware of that before you try to do anything last minute.


10. Too Much Competition

Putting everyone in the same gambling bucket can be a risky move on tour. Intense competition can ruin the trip as well.

Remember that it’s not the PGA tour; you’re there to have fun. Team formats are great for reducing the cost and pressure, and keeping everything manageable.

Before you choose a golf location, it’s a good idea to ask us, your local experts. We can let you know about client reviews or people who actually travel regularly with us.

11. Planning Everything Together

It’s best to leave the planning for one to two members in the group, having a group ‘Captain’ is the best way forward. Getting too many group members involved and delegating tasks could negatively impact the planning.

Some might want to leave out of a specific airport, save money by going on a later flight, etc. It’s best to have one person delegate and manage this on behalf of the group, and then communicate it to us, the tour operator. If you decide to involve the group, specify who plans what.


The Top Golf Trip Planning Mistakes To Avoid

After exploring this guide, you should better understand the top golf trip planning mistakes to avoid. Take your time deciding what the best trip will be and who to invite.

From Scotland to Ireland, England, and Wales, are you ready to take the next golfing trip of your dreams and impress your friends? Contact us today to receive a free custom quote! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have along the way.